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A New Path to Women's Health

Welcome to Aphaea Women's Health

NJ's First Concierge OB/GYN Practice


About The Practice

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Aphaea Women's Health is New Jersey’s first concierge obstetrics practice, delivering unparalleled care to women from Englewood, New Jersey, and the surrounding region. Under the leadership of Ashley Papapetrou, DO, the practice is thriving and quickly establishing a reputation for excellence.

Aphaea is the Greek goddess of fertility and agriculture, and an embodiment of what it means to be a woman. She is closely associated with fertility and the natural cycle of life. The practice is named after her to create an environment where women are honored, valued, and cared for at the highest possible levels. 

Services range from adolescent gynecology and birth control counseling to menopause care, spanning the full range of a woman’s reproductive life. Outstanding diagnostic and treatment services help women navigate gynecologic issues like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, polycystic  ovary syndrome, abnormal menstrual bleeding, and more.

When a woman is ready to welcome a new child into the world, Aphaea Women’s Health offers a fully personalized experience. From fertility planning to prenatal care, pregnancy care, and the labor and delivery process, women can rest assured they are in the best of hands. Compassionate postpartum care is also part of the process.

State-of-the-art technology guides all diagnostic and treatment services at Aphaea Women’s Health. Ongoing education ensures that all team members are trained in how to use these tools to their greatest advantage.

Concierge care is available through a membership option, and it covers all aspects of pregnancy care. An annual gynecology membership is also an option. Women who have questions about the concierge model of practice are welcome to schedule a visit online or by phone to explore this method of care and determine if it is a good fit.

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Aphaea: Symbolizes the cycle of life

Aphaea is the Greek goddess of fertility and agriculture dating as early as the 14th century BC. The temple of Aphaea, built in 500 BC, still stands today on the Greek island of Aegina and remains a place that farmers ask for blessings for fertility of the land. She has became an embodiment for women and her representation of fertility promotes a natural cycle of life.

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