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Headache & TMJ Specialist

Ashley E. Papapetrou, DO -  - Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Ashley E. Papapetrou, DO

Obstetrics & Gynecology & Aesthetic Center and Woman Wellness located in Englewood Cliffs, NJ

If you suffer from severe headache and TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), getting through your normal daily routines may not always be easy. Help is available through the care of Ashley Papapetrou, DO, of  Aphaea Women's Health in Englewood, New Jersey. When you’re ready to find lasting relief, call the office or spend a few moments on the online booking tool today.

Headache & TMJ Q&A

What are some common types of headaches?

There are numerous types of headaches, with various causes and symptoms. Understanding the type of headaches you suffer is essential in finding lasting relief.

Tension headaches

These types of headaches are the most common. A dull, aching sensation usually develops across the head. Stress often triggers tension headaches.

Cluster headaches

This is a collection of individual headaches that occur within a short time. They usually only create pain on one side of the head, often near or behind an eye. People often find these subside, only to be immediately followed by another headache.


While head pain is a primary symptom of migraine, the condition is not technically a type of headache but a collection of neurological symptoms. Pain is often accompanied by symptoms like sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, and visual phenomenon.

These are just a few of the more common types of headaches. Some are linked to an underlying condition, while others occur independently.

When should I see my doctor for headache and TMJ?

Everyone experiences occasional head pain, and infrequent headaches are usually no cause for concern. When headache and TMJ become severe, or the pain interferes with your regular routines, it’s time to come in for a diagnostic exam.

There are many ways to determine the source of your headaches and a wide range of treatment options — no need to accept headache and TMJ as inevitable when relief is available.

What do a headache and TMJ feel like?

If you’re experiencing a headache and TMJ, the pain travels up from the jaw to the temples. TMJ headache pain can show up as mild, severe, or a level of discomfort in-between the two. Grinding the teeth can also result in cramping of the jaw, leading to pulsating headaches that can feel like migraines.

What is the treatment for a headache and TMJ?

Dr. Papapetrou begins by performing a thorough diagnostic exam to learn more about what might be causing your headache and TMJ pain. This includes a discussion of your overall health condition and any medications you’re taking.

Integrative approaches can be used in conjunction with medical treatments. Dr. Papapetrou can perform osteopathic manipulative therapy to aid  in the pain associated with TMJ dysfunction. 

To help manage pain, short-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs) can reduce your headache and jaw pain, including aspirin (Excedrin), ibuprofen (Advil), and naproxen (Aleve). Icing your jaw can also help relieve pain.

If you’re ready to learn more about reducing headache and TMJ pain and enjoying more of your days, call Aphaea Women’s Health today to schedule a visit or book online in just moments.